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Bass Construction

Bass Construction is an experienced commercial contractor located in Rosenberg, TX. With more than 64 years of experience in this industry, we strive to provide unparalleled services to the owners and design teams we serve across the state. Our range of services will address the precise needs of all of our clients.


DBB is a straight-forward, linear process. First, an architect, or designer, is employed to design the project. Then, project bids are procured accordingly. Finally, the selected contractor(s) executes the construction of said designs. Each of these steps occurs right after the other, with little or no overlap.
While extremely efficient, this option commits you to designs and budgets early in the process. This produces very reliable project budgets. However, less flexibility and high-costs change requests later-on are the risks you must be aware of with this option.
For this process we review your provided project designs, provide design feedback, approve designs, agree upon budgets and execute construction.

Bass Construction
Bass Construction

Construction Management at-Risk

CMAR shares essentially the same process as DBB. The primary difference with CMAR being our advisory role and the ability to fast-track, or overlap, steps within the process.
With CMAR we assist you with project consultation and planning every step of the way, this includes the design phase. When the time comes for construction, we also execute as the general contractor.

Since we are deeply involved in every aspect of the project, the term “at-risk” implies the condition that we are solely responsible for the successful construction of the project within the agreed upon budget(s). Moreover, the benefits of this option are a more collaborative design process and an ability to begin construction prior to the full completion of designs.
Risks involve the establishment of a Guaranteed Maximum Price, as opposed to a Fixed Price with DBB.
For this process we assist in establishing project budget(s), contracting a project design, provide design and concept consultation, review project designs, provide design feedback, approve designs, finalize budgets, and execute construction.

Bass Construction


For the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective building process available, design-build gives the owner a single point of contact for all project needs.

Bass Construction

With this option, we combine the design and construction functions. We assemble a team of architects, engineers and subcontractors best suited for the project from the onset. This maximizes communication, seeks to minimizes confusion and put the entire project on the fast-track in order to maximize the investment of the owner.

This option requires a high-level of responsiveness from you. On the other hand, true to the fast-track, this option bypasses your input on initial planning and decision-making liberties. Liberties you would otherwise have with alternative options, such as CMAR or DBB. As a result, this option is not ideal for projects with highly specialized requirements, for example a custom-design hospital. However, a standard office building is an example of ideal candidate.

For this option, we assume total responsibility for completing construction within budget and on-schedule.

Bass Construction
Bass Construction

Integrated Project Delivery

By forging a multiparty agreement between contractor, owner and designer, the IPD process seeks to share risks, goal setting and incentives between all parties involved.

IPD aims to provide all the same advantages of DB or CMAR, while marginalizing its possible risks or disadvantages. The goal: encourage quality, timeline and cost standards through incentives.

Incentives and goal planning are set in place first. Agreed upon by all parties, these incentive conditions align the project’s goals more aggressively. As a result, the opportunity for success lends much higher.

Nevertheless, the addition of incentives amplifies the impact of adversarial behavior between team members. This places high risk on the team selection process. It also makes setting incentives and goals a very tedious and time-consuming process.

Bass Construction