Buck blakely

Buck Blakely

Project Superintendent

Buck Blakely has been in the construction industry for more than four decades. Buck joined Bass Construction in 2005 after completing a 10-year stint on various projects at the Bayer Chemical Plant in Baytown. Buck’s experience at Bayer speaks to the attention to detail he brings to the project and the overall trustworthiness and reliability with which he works.

When Buck arrived at Bayer, he was there to work on a small part of a multi-million dollar expansion. He expected he’d be on the job several months. His innate attention to details and concern for safety gave Buck the ability to meet the stringent standards necessary when working on-site at a chemical facility. This quickly earned him the trust of Bayer managers. The rest is history. Before he knew it, Buck found himself with a semi-permanent home at Bayer. Though working for Horizon Constructors Inc., Buck had an office, phone and fax machine on site at Bayer Chemical Plant.

Over the course of a decade, Buck oversaw construction at more than 20 buildings at Bayer ranging from administrative to control facilities. The relationship he built with the client and subs while working on these intricate projects was steadfast and critical to the success of his long term post. Truth is, Buck would likely still be at work in Baytown if he hadn’t elected to shorten his daily commute.

Working at a chemical plant all those years gave Buck a special perspective on safety. As he describes it, “working at a plant gives you a heightened sense of safety you carry with you.” Today, he applies that same strict approach to safety on Bass job sites. Buck is an easy going guy that doesn’t take life too seriously, but one thing he is serious about is safety. “Crews can abide by safety standards,” he said, “or they can leave my job.”

Buck’s clients describe him as accessible, a problem solver and personable. He excels at managing both people and time, and attributes much of his abilities to experience. As he says, “there are some things you can only learn with experience.”


  • More than 40 years related experience.
  • Oversees crews and subcontractors on the job site.
  • Ensures that job site remains clean, crews remain safe and project work proceeds as
  • scheduled with the proper quality controls in place.
  • In his words: “I love my work and I take pride in it.”
  • When Buck isn’t working, you can find him hunting, golfing or fishing.
  • Buck has been married for 47 years. He is a proud father of three kids and six grandkids.


McMurry College
University of Houston
OSHA Certification


  • Federal Express Ground
  • Stafford Municipal Court
  • Missouri City Baptist Church
  • Atofina
  • Bayer Chemical Plant

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